Is It Cheating…Or Just Laziness?

December 14, 2010 at 9:08 pm (Uncategorized)

Cheating in any setting, especially in college, is a very serious situation.  That’s why when 200 students enrolled in a business course at the University of Central Florida were accused of cheating by their professor, Richard Quinn, the story grabbed the attention of the entire country.  But who is to blame in this situation?  Should the blame be placed upon the students who acquired the test answers early with the help from an online test bank, or should Richard Quinn be at fault for not taking the time to create his own exam and relying on a test bank.  I believe Richard Quinn should be blamed for this issue because he made the decision to use and easily accessed test bank to create his exam and if the students were unaware of this, then they should not be accused of cheating.

A person can find virtually anything on the internet these days.  They simply need to do a Google search and have thousands of websites pertaining to their needs at the click of the mouse.  Professors need to be aware of this, especially if they are basing the questions of their midterm exams off of something that can be accessed on the internet.  A person has to be extremely ignorant if they expect things on the internet, especially answers for a test, would never be found.  Speaking as a student, I would be under the impression that questions and answers I found online would be useful study tools, not ways to cheat the class. 

A student in Richard Quinn’s class made a video on YouTube claiming they were unaware their professor used a test bank to make his exam and used his first lecture in the course to support his side.  This video is called UCF Richard Quinn Misleads Capstone Students Test Scam Cheat and its used Quinn’s own words to make their statement.

Professor Richard Quinn specifically states, “I am responsible for creating and administering the midterm and final exam.”  Although this may not have been his intention, the word “create” to me means he wrote the questions and didn’t take them from a test bank.  This is misleading the students into the belief that what they find online could be used to aid their studying.  The flip side to this would be people arguing that Quinn does in fact “create” the exam by assembling the questions, even though they are from a test bank.  However, later on in the lecture he tells the class, “I may very well write a question that I can’t answer.”  This clearly shows that professor Quinn told his students he writes his own question when in fact he takes them from the publisher of the text-book they class uses.  I also feel like you would never not know the answer to a test question unless you didn’t write it yourself.  The students I believe acted upon the belief their professor wrote his own tests.  There is nothing unethical and wrong with studying for an exam.

I understand why opposers are accusing the students of cheating.  They used the test bank which had the answers to the questions on it, and perhaps they acquired it by unethical means, but that has yet to be proven.  These students did not go into the exam room unprepared and cheating because they didn’t study.  They didn’t bring the answers with them, obscuring them with a hat or writing them on their body.  They didn’t ask to go the bathroom and then text a friend the answers.  They simply studying before hand using information they already knew and were assisted by what they believed was similar to a study guide.

I feel that accusing 200 students of cheating is a serious allegation that must be backed with strong evidence. Yes, Richard Quinn made a graph of the grades the students earned, which didn’t match up to his previous classes sources,  and a person anonymously gave him the test bank used by the students, but neither of these is enough to tarnish the reputations on 200 seniors when faced with the fact they were unaware they were cheating.  Robert Talbert, owner of the blog Casting Out Nines, states, “cheating is when you use and unauthorized resource to substitute for your own.”  Since the test bank was not an unauthorized source, and Professor Quinn did not specify to the students that they were unable to use it, there really is no solid case against the students signifying that they cheated.  This is all attributed to the laziness of Professor Quinn.

The students of the University of Central Florida should not have been accused of cheating.  Professor Richard Quinn should have instead taken the time that the students deserve to create and write his own exam with his own questions, as he told his class of senior students he would in the lecture on the first day of the course.  Because the students were unaware their professor was basing his exam on the test bank they were studying from, you can hardly accuse them of being un ethical and immoral.  If anyone was being unethical it was Quinn, he specifically told his students he would write his own questions, and then it was revealed he took them from a test bank, thus lying to all of them.  The students deserve an apology for being put through this fiasco and the professors need to be more aware of what’s on the internet and what information regarding their classes can be accessed by students.



UCFscam. “UCF Richard Quinn Misleads Capstone Students Test Scam Cheating” YouTube. 10 Nov. 2010. Web. 14 Dec. 2010.

Talbert, Robert. “Students Respond to UCF Cheating Scandal.” Casting Out Nines. 27 Nov. 2010. Web. 14 Dec. 2010.


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The Top Six

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This semester of blogging allowed me to realize I enjoy writing down my thoughts.  I also had the chance to learn about blogging in general, before I really knew nothing about it, and the different types of blogs I could write.  Throughout the course, I have discovered I like to write lifestyle posts much better than a commentary or news type.  I find it is much easier to write about what is on my mind and use more creative and expressive words than to give my opinion on a topic.  Still, the commentary posts were useful because it was a way to learn about formulating an argument and critically thinking.  My blog site currently is composed of 10 blogs, but I have a few favorites.  These are my 6 best blogs post (in no particular order)

1. Summer Book Read

2. Mo Is Blogging

3. Welcome To College 

4. Code Blog: Tales of a Nurse

5. 10 Things


“Summer Book Read” was my first blog, which is one of the reasons it made my top 6.  This blog post was about my disapproval of teachers/colleges assigning books reads to students over the summer.  It is my opinion that students need those months off to relax and focus on having fun while they can.  My particular dilemma with reading Acts of Faith this summer was the challenge of reading this very slow-moving and the demands of my work schedule.  I also chose this post because it has one of my favorite introductions in the whole blog. 

The next post that made the top 6 is “Mo Is Blogging.”  I feel the need to explain the title super quickly.  Since the post is about Facebook and the benefit of having an account, I decided to make the title similar to a Facebook status, so that is where “Mo Is Blogging” came in.  This is one of my favorites because I enjoyed the topic.  It was easy to write about why everyone should use Facebook and I was very familiar with the website since it is used multiple times a day.  This post also had to do with the class I am taking so I liked the correlation.

“Goodbye High School, Hello College may be my favorite.  I really enjoy writing lifestyle posts as mentioned before.  This blog is about making the switch from high school to college and how I was adjusting to my new environment.  I also liked my introduction paragraph in this post.  Creative writing is something that I have always very much enjoyed, so making the introduction more like a story was super fun!  This post is personal, which is the aspect of lifestyle writing that is most appealing.

The next post was also an interesting one because I was assigned to read a blog by someone in my field of interest, which happens to be nursing.  That is how I stumbled upon “Code Blogs: Tales of a Nurse.”  I was immediately hooked on this blog and still read it to this day.  Essentially in my post I had to convince the reader to check out the blog of interest.  This was pretty easy since I felt so passionately about the blog.  “Code Blog: Tales of a Nurse” is very interesting and a great read.  There is so many things about being a nurse that I hadn’t even fathomed before reading this blog, now I am more informed!

“10 Things” is another lifestyle post which is probably one of the major reasons is made the list.  This post is just about me and the 10 things I learned one semester into college.  There’s nothing too special about it but I had a lot of fun writing this post which is why I included it on the top 6.

The last post on the top 6 is my vlog post.  Vlogging is something I discovered during this course and is my favorite thing about blogging.  For those who don’t know a vlog stands for video blog, so basically a blog where you talking into the camera on your computer and then post it on YouTube.  This particular vlog two of my clubbies and myself discussing the new Harry Potter movie, which is awesome!  I also have a series of blogs on YouTube also with my clubbie which is called “Peace Love Cobbers.”  When this class is over I will most likely keep vlogging because I really enjoy it!

So there you have it!  Those are my favorite blogs/vlogs on my site.  I will probably still blog even though I don’t have the class anymore.  This blog will most likely turn into more of a lifestyle blog instead of having both types simply because I enjoy the storytelling aspect of the lifestyle posts better.  This course was beneficial for my writing and I am glad I took it.  It has introduced me to blogging and vlogging which are two things I will most definitely try to fit into my busy college schedule.

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10 Things

November 17, 2010 at 2:02 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s hard to believe a whole semester of college is almost behind me.  I still remember move-in day like it happened yesterday.  Meeting my roommate for the first time, taking in my new environment, and tearfully watching my parents drive away from my dorm window.  Since that day I already feel like I have grown because of the experiences I have been through and the things I have learned.  Below of a list of ten extremely important, life-altering things I have learned after one semester of college.

1.    Sleep is sometimes optional.  I learned this firsthand this week actually.  It seems that right before a break the professors all feel the need to pile on the homework.  This past week I have been working on research paper for my written communications class and this took up a large majority of my time.  This along with all my other homework made for some very late nights.  Thanksgiving break is almost here though, I just need to make it one more week and then I can go home and catch up on sleep.

2.       Making lists.  This is something that I did a little bit of in high school but I have found that list-making is a necessity for me in college.  Without my list of homework that is prioritized by importance, I don’t know how I would get through my homework.  I have this cute little whiteboard that my brother got for me for my birthday which basically has my life written on it.  On the left-hand side are all the episodes of T.V. shows I still need to watch and of the right is the never ending list of assignments.  I wouldn’t say I am an extremely organized person, but this without this list I would be lost.

3. Getting mail makes my day.  Before college, I liked getting mail, but it would never make my whole day.  Now however when I open my mail box and see a letter or better yet an orange slip telling me I have a package, the room becomes brighter!  It seems silly that something so simple can make a person so happy!  It is nice to know that someone is thinking about you.

4. Don’t forget about your laundry.  My dorm has four washers and four dryers which is a problem when six girls, each with two loads of laundry, want to wash and/or dry their clothes at the same time.  I have learned that if you are not promptly removing your laundry from the washer or dryer precisely when the cycle is done, your clean clothes will end up in a heap on the floor.

5.  Friends are everything.  This sounds kind of cliche but it’s true.  On those stressful nights when you need at least five more hours in the day, you need someone there to make you laugh and temporarily forget about the mountain of homework that awaits you.  Friends are the greatest support system and they know what you are going through.  This may be your week to stress out, but the next week it’s theirs so make sure you are there for your friends too. 

6.  Sometimes daylight is a luxury and not a necessity.  This may sound confusing but hear me out.  It is Saturday morning and your eyes slowly and unwillingly open.  You are exhausted from the crazy week and all you want is to sleep more, so you shut your tired eyes and continue to dream.  You repeat this process until 3:00 pm when you finally decide you can’t sleep the day away.  By the time you’re dressed and showered it’s close to 4:00.  Since daylight savings this is about the time of day the sun sets so you have slept through daylight.  True story by the way.  I would not recommend doing this every day since the sun gives us energy, but on occasion it’s ok.

7. My laptop is my life.  I got my laptop around Thanksgiving last year.  Before that I was never really on the computer that much except for when I did homework, and even after getting my laptop I wasn’t using it like I do now.  Everything is on my laptop.  If this were to break or get stolen, I don’t know what I would do.  I always need to remind myself to back-up my music and my papers because. like any piece of equipment, it can break down.  I knew college students used their laptops frequently, but I was unaware how much I would depend on it.

8. This one is less serious: Always toast your sandwich.  In our dining center we have a spot called Fillings; which is where you can have a sandwich made for you.  Here you have the option of toasting it.  Toasting sandwiches is something I have never really done.  For example at Subway you have this option and I always would say, “No thanks,” when asked.  I was told however by a fellow clubbie that toasting your sandwich makes it 100 times better.  So, I decided to go out on a limb one day and try it, and I have never gone back to eating a regular sandwich again.

9.  Call home.  This is very important.  You need to stay in touch with what is going on with your family, and it will always make your mom happy to hear your precious voice.  I call home usually about twice a week just to update my parents with the events in my life and to hear about what is happening at home.  I am the first child to go to college at my house so this is a new experiance for me and my parents.  Calling home allows me to stay connected with them and my two brothers.

10. Have some fun every once in a while.  This might be the most important thing I have learned so far.  College is stressful and I strongly believe that if I never took some time to enjoy myself I would go crazy.  For example, after this long, hectic week I am going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  I have been waiting for the new Harry Potter movie for a year and can’t wait to spend a solid three hours doing something I enjoy instead of being bent over a textbook.   College is supposed to be fun, so don’t study you life away.

So there you have it, 10 important and illuminating things that I have learned after a semester of college.  I have discovered so much about myself in just 12 weeks, I can’t wait to see where I’ll end up after 4 years!

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To Instill A Love For Learning

November 8, 2010 at 1:36 pm (Uncategorized)

The blog for this week is about the five goals for liberal arts education.  I must say that at first, I was not excited to do yet another assignment on how the five goals affect my life.  Being a freshman at Concordia College, I am already well aware of what I am supposed to get out of going to a college that focuses on a liberal arts education, or so I thought. I am going to be focusing on the first goal: To instill a love for learning.  As I began putting together what I was going to say about this, I realized I had barely scratched the surface of what it really meant to have a love for learning.  In doing this blog post, I had the chance to look deeper into myself and truly discovered how this goal for liberal arts education translated into my growth and development.

So what does it mean to for someone to have an instilled love for learning?  Beginning with the start of the phrase; the word “instill” means to teach repetitively or implant gradually.  So, by the time I graduate in hopefully four years, Concordia College will have taught me to appreciate learning.  When I first started thinking about this goal, I didn’t really believe that someone could be taught to love learning.  At first, I was under the impression that people were born with a love and drive for learning.  After pondering the meaning of this phrase however, my view has completely changed.  I understand now that if a person finds something that they are genuinely interested in, they will love and crave to learn about it. 

Loving to learn is the second part of the goal.  How does one know when they love to learn?  I believe that that various on a person-to-person basis.  When you love to learn, you fins joy in being informed and acquiring knowledge.  This doesn’t have to just pertain to classes either.  To love learning, is to have the desire to have knowledge for not only yourself, but so you can be informed about the world.  What would be the point of having a vast library of knowledge, and then have no way to practically put it into use.  When you love to learn, you can learn independently but also have the ability to teach and inform others.  I think this is important because the best way to know if you understand information is to teach others about it.

This goal has an impact on me because it affects the way I will go about collecting information.  A person with an instilled love for learning goes after information because they have the desire to know more than they currently do.  The opposite would be a person with no passion or longing to expand their mental capabilities.  I would rather be the person that has a craving for more information and goes and gets it.  This will also affect my future.  A passion for learning is the stepping stones for having passion to perform well in a work environment.  To move up in a career and be the best, you will need to continue to learn as new technology or techniques become available.  A person who does not love to learn will not take the initiative to understand new advancement and fall behind  else who does. 

At this stage in my life, I wouldn’t say I have a complete love for learning.  I have the desire to do well in school and learning goes along with that, but I do not have an extreme passion for learning.  As a person gets more involved in a major and has classes pertaining to a field they are interested in, that is when I believe the drive to learn really becomes prominent.  If they are not curious and passionate about the major, then they would more than likely not be choosing to do that for the rest of their life.  This drive and curiosity is what I hope to achieve by attending Concordia. 

People who have a vast bank of knowledge are more respected than those who don’t.  I want to be one of those people that other come to for information and can trust what I tell them is true and valuable.  I want to be taken seriously which is what having a love for learning will do for me.  Having an instilled love for learning will provide me with the stepping stones I need for the rest of my life.

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Too Old To Trick-Or-Treat?

October 29, 2010 at 2:06 pm (Uncategorized)

Halloween is without a doubt the best holiday in terms of creativity and fun.  Nothing beats becoming unrecognizable behind a scary mask or crazy face paint and getting pounds of free candy. There has been a considerable amount of discussion lately about the appropriate age of a trick-or-treater.  While some think kids should be able to do it as long as they want, others would like to put an age limit on the kids participating in this annual activity.  I personally believe having an age limit on trick-or-treaters is pointless and would take much of the fun out of the concept. 

When asked what age people think is too old to trick-or-treat, there is a great amount of variation.  People have responded anywhere from about 12-18 years of age.  In the article How Old is Too Old to Trick-or-Treat I learned that kids in Bellville, Illinois were actually fined 100 dollars if they are trick-or-treating over the age of 12.  This is extremely excessive and completely unnecessary.  Children of all ages have the right to enjoy Halloween reguardless of thier age and should not be fined for having a good time.

When I was younger, Halloween was the night I looked forward to for months.  I loved making a creative costume no one else would have (my favorite being the year I dressed up as a fortune teller) and going trick-or-treating with my friends and our parents.  Once I could not possibly walk any farther or carry my 10 pound pillow case full of sugary sweets, we would return home and separate all the candy by type.  My dad would always check my candy to make sure it was all sealed and safe, and then it was time to create cavities and tummy aches.  There became a time in my life however, when going door to door asking for candy just didn’t sound fun anymore.  As a teenager, being terrified by gory movies and going to Halloween parties became much more appealing than going trick-or-treating.  I think teenagers gradually just remove themselves from the trick-or-treating scene so there is no need to be a law for it.  Kids should be allowed to go out as long as they want to, and will eventually stop when they feel it is no longer cool.

Another reason there should not be an age requirement for trick-or-treating is because kids have friends that are all different ages.  For example, I have a summer birthday and am one of the oldest in my grade.  If the age was set at 12 years old, then I would be forced to stay behind while all my friends would be able to go out and have fun.  This makes the law unfair for the older kids in a grade. 

One may argue that this law is fair because the older kids have already had one more Halloween experience than the younger children in that grade.  I feel like this is irrelevant however, because no person could say they had a blast on their first or even second Halloween because they cannot remember it.  Not to say that trick-or-treating isn’t a good experience for small children, but it is really more for the parents than the babies. 

Having an activity for kids and teenagers to do will also keep them out of trouble.  Many, including law enforcement, believe that by not allowing older kids to participate in trick-or-treating, there will be an increase in Halloween vandalism.  Hans Broedel, a history professor at the University of North Dakota, states, “Trick-or-treating in a large part is embraced in this country because it serves to cut down on teenage vandalism.”  If teenagers have nothing to do, that’s when they get into trouble and do things they shouldn’t.

Trick-or-treating is fun activity that many age groups can enjoy.  Teenagers will eventually stop going when they feel it is no longer cool and they have better things to do, there does not need to be a law forbidding them to participate.  I understand why people do not want teenager trick-or-treating, but at the same time this activity is giving them something to do and will keep them from vandalizing houses.  I think I would rather give some 17 year-old candy than having him egg my house.  Putting an age limit on trick-or-treating will cause more problems than it will fix.  It is unfair to the older kids in each grade, like myself, and there will be an increase in vandalism.  Let kids be kids while they can be.  There is plenty of time for them to pass out candy when they are adults.



Halligan, Shannon. “How Old is Too Old to Trick-or-Treat?” WWLP News. 28 Oct. 2010. Web. 29 Oct. 2010.

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Code Blog: Tales of a Nurse

October 22, 2010 at 10:31 am (Uncategorized)

This week we were assigned to write about a must read blog.  Ever since my professor had us look for blogs pertaining to our major, I have been following this blog called Code Blog: Tales of a Nurse I was first attracted to this blog because of the interesting stories the author wrote about.  This blog is made by a woman who is a nurse in an intensive care unit at a hospital and had been for 11 years.  It is about her experiences working there along with stories from other people who work in the medical field or have had some sort of medical care. 

I like this blog because it offers insight into the lives of nurses and doctors.  It makes me think about aspects of these professions that never crossed my mind such as the random noises and the pain of losing a close patient.  This blog is also very interesting, which is an important piece of any must read blog.  The stories are fascinating and the fact that they are true makes them even better.  For example, one of the blogs posted by a nurse discusses the actual process of a code procedure and how much of it the patient actually feels.  This was extremely interesting to me because during a code the doctors and nurses are trying so hard to save the life of the patient, but I never really gave any thought to what kind of pain the patient was in during the process.   This blog also offers different points of views on situations.  For example the posts by patients are different than the posts by doctors, and the posts by nurses differ from those of the doctors and patients.  It is refreshing to hear stories told from diverse perspectives.

One of my favorite posts on this blog is called “A Day in the Life.”  It is really a play-by-play in about 15 minute increments describing and extremely hectic morning for one nurse.  There are so many things that go into caring for a person in a hospital that I never knew about.  There’s ordering and distributing medication, transporting patients to get tests done, feeding them, changing their sheets and dressings, getting doctors to come examine them, and all various other mishaps that take place during the day.  Something was always happening or needed to get done.  There was never a dull moment for this nurse!  This is the aspect of being a nurse that greatly appeals to me.  I could never sit in a cubicle or crunch number for a living.  I need the constant movement and hands-on activity to keep sane.  

This post also brought up the issue of patient care.  This nurse had two patients that day and one required a majority of her attention because her condition was far more critical.  The other patient felt like this nurse was being cold towards him and called her out on it.  She took this rather hard and immediately became defensive, saying the patient was ungrateful for all she had done for him throughout the day.  I feel the patient was right to be upset about her being impatient when he requested specific care.  He needed juice not milk because he was lactose intolerant, he wanted more medication because his infected toe was in pain.  These, in my opinion, are not outrageous requests, and are legitimate concerns for this patient.  I believe this patient deserves the same amount of time and care as her other patient.  Just because she was having a bad morning, does not mean she should take it out him.  She should have gracefully taken her patient telling her she was cold and used that to put her attitude in check, instead of getting even more upset and switching patients.

Another post I really enjoyed is called “The Worst Float Ever“.  It is about a nurse who was asked to “float,” or in other words, help out on a unit she is not typically a part of.  This blog goes through her abnormal day in the child psych ward trying to deal with the wild children while reinforcing the rules of the unit.  She describes in detail having to control this one child who was tearing apart an examine room without having any training on psychotic children.  This post is kind of humorous when she explains her surprise at how difficult it was to manage out of control kids. 

 I liked this blog post because it reminded me of my summer job at Valleyfair, which is an amusement park.  Here too, there were also days when my location, Kidworks, was overstaffed and my help was needed in another department.  This was no big deal if I was sent to another ride location, but when they made me sweep the park, that’s when I would want to quit on the spot. 

This blog is a must read because of the values it has to offer.  Everyone who reads it will be able to take something away and apply it to their own life.  There is a point to this blog and it is not a waste of time.  It is interesting and told by many different types of people, so there is a post in there for everyone.  Check out Code Blogs: Tales of a Nurse.  You will not be sorry!



Gina. Code Blog – Tales of a Nurse. 7 Dec. 2010. Web. 10 Oct. 2010.

“A Day in the Life.” Code Blog – Tales of a Nurse. 20 April 2005. Web. 10 Oct. 2010.

“The Worst Float Ever.” Code Blog – Tales of a Nurse. 26 Jan. 2003. Web. 10 Oct. 2010.

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October 11, 2010 at 12:51 am (Uncategorized)

This week’s blogging assignment is to find three must read blog posts and write about them.  I immediately thought this will be easy!   I figured there would be millions of decent blog posts about nursing; after all it is by no means a boring profession.  However this task proved to be more difficult than I expected.  I dove into this assignment with no clear direction and no way to guide my searches.  Then I decided to find posts that would relate to why I wanted to be a nurse.  After sifting through numerous blogs I stumbled across three extraordinary blog posts that I feel everyone must read. These blog posts not only look into the lives of the writers, but also tell a story that I can see myself taking in a few years. 

The first post is from the blog Confessions of a Registered Nurse (Confessions of a Student Nurse) and it is titled Advice for Nursing Students.  I was originally attracted to this post because I am a nursing student and I’ll take all the advice I can get.  This is a must read post because it offers many helpful hints and tips about how to survive being a nursing student.  It was extremely refreshing to have someone understand what is going through my mind.  My favorite tip was,”Ask tons of questions. If you are told by a nurse to do something on a patient and you are not familiar with it or uncomfortable, ask for help.  Don’t let it bother you that she rolls her eyes at you, you have a right to learn, and your patients have the right to receive safe care.”  I really liked this piece of advice because I never really thought about the reactions of the nurses we will be working with.  But it’s true that I have the right to learn and I need to not worry about feeling stupid or being a bother because it’s all about the care of the patient. I also liked how the last piece of advice was encouraging the readers to contact her if they had any questions or needed to vent.  It’s comforting to know that a complete stranger in a way has my back and is willing to listen to me.  This was a very well done blog post and the advice could really be geared towards anyone by substituting a few words.  So if advice is needed, check out this post!

The next post I looked at was on the blog Code Blog – Tales of a Nurse, and the post was called Tough and Not Very Friendly. This whole blog I find very interesting but this post has stood out to me from the beginning.  This post is about a nurse developing a relationship with a patient that was under many restrictions.  She created a special friendship with this patient and helped him through the struggle of being sick and alone.  This whole post embodied all the reasons I want to become a nurse.  I want to be more than the person that helps a patient feel better.  I want to establish relationships with them.  When a patient is sick, they need a person to trust and comfort them when they are at their weakest.  This nurse was able to gain the trust of her suicidal patient and bring some light into his day, “I knocked on the anteroom door, surprising Bob, and gave a silly wave and a smile.  No mask, no gown, no gloves.  Through the glass I saw a hint of a smile.”  These kinds of experiences are the ones that I look forward to in my career. 

The final post I found was from a blog called Ob/Gyn Kenobi.  This post I looked at was called Little WondersThis blog is actually written by a doctor and not a nurse but it had a memorable message.  I picked this post because I want to be an OB-GYN nurse and the blog goes into the daily tasks of that particular job. However this post is more about the changes you go through in your life.  She talks about after having children, horror movies no longer appealed to her because she related what was happening in the movies to her kids.  This was interesting to me because I never really thought about how a mother’s emotional life changes after giving birth.  I knew the physical part changed drastically!  Having to take care a child is no small task, but I never gave the psychological aspect much thought.  I really enjoyed the quote, “Our lives are made, in these small hours, these little wonders, these twists and turns of fate.  Time falls away, but these small hours, these small hours still remain.”  I thought this was a peaceful way to look at life.  Life is made up of small moments and those are what really matter.

These three posts describe what I hope will be my journey as a nurse.  The first post is where I am now.  A young nursing student in desperate need for advice and someone who understands the kind of pressures and time commitments I face.  This blog post gave me hope and comfort during this uncertain portion of this story.  The second post discusses the reason I wanted to be a nurse in the first place.  People always ask when I tell them I am a nursing major why I am not going to be a doctor.  The answer for me is simple. I feel that doctors don’t develop relationships with their patients the way nurses do.  If you think about it, the nurse takes care of the patient, not the doctor.  This is really what I value about the nursing professions.  I want to care for my patients and gain their trust, and in my experience this doesn’t happen with doctors because they have so many more patients.  Finally the third post was where I want to end up.  As of right now, I want to be an OB-GYN nurse.   I think there would nothing more precious than to help bring a new life into the world.  To be able to witness the miracle of life everyday would be very self-fulfilling.  

Once I found a direction to take for the blog, I was able to find posts much easier. At first I was just trying to find good ones and thought I would figure out what to write about based on that.  The problem with going about this blog that way was having to sort through thousands of posts and not having a clear vision.  It was much easier to search for a specific post instead of just a good one.  I found three very well written posts that not only enriched my life, but offer beneficial messages to everyone.



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Welcome To College

October 4, 2010 at 1:05 pm (Uncategorized)

Who gets two hours of sleep a night, lives in a room small enough to be a closet, and bikes three miles to save 10 cents?  The answer to this puzzling question is me!  In August I made the life changing transition to college.  This new experience has been both exciting and terrifying as I have made new friends and studied more intensely then I ever have in my life.  For example, this weekend was homecoming and there were numerous activities planned for the students.  Did I go to most of these events?  That would be a no.  I found myself buried in books all weekend as I studied for both a Spanish and biology test.  In high school, teachers would so graciously not give homework during homecoming, which would allow the students to attend the many festivities.  Now however I am in college where the professors do not seem to coordinate their homework assignments with the campus events.  This is definitely an adjustment. 

The major I have currently declared is nursing.  The most stressful thing about being a freshman nursing major is the fact that I’m not technically in the program yet.  Nursing is highly competitive and I was lucky enough to be pre-admitted to the program based on a scholarship I received.  So one might think, why is this girl complaining about being stressed?  She’s already in.  Well that’s not actually the case.  I need to have a 3.5 GPA at the end of my freshman year in order to keep my spot.  This has created a great deal of stress for me.  Every time I get an assignment back and I could have gotten a point more, I worry that this will be the one assignment that ends up holding me back from getting in the program.  This along with the other normal stresses of transitioning into college has made it a little overwhelming. 

College hasn’t been all stress however.   I am really enjoying the whole experience so far.  I have made many great friends such as Femke who is the author of the blog La Vida Loca.  She is actually my “neighbor”, meaning she lives in the room next to me, and she is in my room so much that she doesn’t even knock anymore. It’s great.  I have also met some great people through my orientation group.  Every freshman is placed into an orientation group based on the freshman inquiry class we all signed up for, which is actually the class I blog in.  My club was number 26, “Check out our kicks in club 26!”  The whole orientation week we all did various activities together and it was a great way to make new friends.  We played numerous games like the name game and Wa (which was a favorite in my group).  Since I didn’t know anyone when I got to college this was such a wonderful experience for me.  I love my clubbies!

Living in the dorms has been a huge adjustment as well.  I think it’s super fun to have a bunch of girls my age all living together.  My dorm is pretty quite too so that always a perk when I am trying to sleep.  I do not however like the whole bathroom situation.  My room is at the very end of the hallway which is inconvenient when I need to go to the bathroom at 3:00 in the morning.  Many of the girls like to do their hair in the bathroom also which means sometimes there is hair all over.  Usually that doesn’t gross me out too much, but when there is a bunch of wet hair in the sink, that is somewhat of a problem.   I shared a bathroom with my brothers for 16 years so I am used to it not being exactly clean, but the hair situation is pushing it.

College life has been a major adjustment for me.  Gone are the days when teachers would coordinate homework with school events and studying was optional.  Now is the time for new experiences and great friends.  College is supposed to be the best four years of my life and I can’t wait to pave my own path, even if it means getting two hours of sleep, living in a tiny room, and biking far far away to save a few cents!

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Hulu Is My Hero!

September 29, 2010 at 1:14 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s 7:59 pm and anxiety has taken over.  There is only one minute until Grey’s Anatomy but I still have a mountain of homework in front of me.  Do I keep plowing through my homework, or do I turn on the television and catch the season premiere?  This is a real life situation that I personally faced last Thursday.  I wanted so badly to be a great student and study, but I was worried I would miss out on something important in Grey’s Anatomy, so against my better judgment, I pressed the power button on the remote. 

This happens to me quite frequently, so when faced with the challenge to explore a form of social media I picked   This is a site that I began to take advantage of more now that I am in college.  Before I used Hulu I thought it was similar to YouTube, however I soon discovered that they are quite different. 

Now that I am in college, there is less time to watch TV than in high school.  There is always something else in the way such as an activity or homework.  I do not have to worry about catching a show on TV anymore now that I know about Hulu.  Instead I can watch the particular episode at my leisure when I have some down-time.  This allows me to focus on my homework and watch the show at a later time that is more convenient for me.  Another crisis that I have run into is the fact that my college cable does not have the CW.  This is one of my all time favorite channels and I could not believe it wasn’t a part of the cable package.  How was I going to survive without Gossip Girl?  Now I understand that this may seem like a trivial issue, but imagine if you could not watch your favorite television series.  A part of my soul died knowing I could no longer have my weekly date with Chace Crawford at 8:00 at night.  But never fear Hulu is here!  Now I can just subscribe to Gossip Girl on Hulu and every time a new episode airs it will be added to my queue and I can watch it when I have time.  This was defiantly a life-saver!

So now that I’ve got you all pumped to try Hulu, let me tell you how to get started.  Signing up for an account is quick, easy, and best of all, free!   I took me about a minute to sign up and get started.  Once you have done this there are numerous features you can take advantage of.  One of my personal favorites is the “Recommendations” tab.  How this works is after you have watched a show or a clip, Hulu recommends other videos you might enjoy.  This can open your eyes to countless new material you may not have stumbled across on your own.  

Movies are also available on Hulu.  You can watch the full movies, clips, and trailers!  This comes in handy when you want to watch a movie with your girls but you don’t want to get in the car and go to the store.  Instead you can just turn on your computer and browse through Hulu’s collection.  They have a wide variety ranging from Star Trek to Super Size Me. 

If you wish to upgrade your Hulu account you can pay $9.99 a month to receive Hulu Plus.  With this there is more content available to you.  For example you get “season passes” to your favorite shows, meaning you can watch all the episodes of a current season.  This is beneficial because after a certain amount of time, Hulu no longer offers an episode to the public so by upgrading, you can view these older episodes.  You also have the opportunity to watch previous seasons of a show.  So if you missed season 2 on Criminal Minds, you can still watch it on Hulu.  This is a nice feature to have if you have missed many old episodes of a show, this way you do not need to spend 40 bucks to buy the season in a store.  Otherwise I do not think it is necessary.  As long as you keep on top of the shows you want to watch, you do not need to spend any money. 

Hulu has been a great resource for me now that I am in college.  I no longer have to stress out about catching a show on television; instead I can watch it later on Hulu. This website is 100 percent free unless you decide you want more features, which is completely optional.  TV shows are very important to me and this may sound a tad dramatic, but Hulu saves my life!

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Mo Is Blogging

September 24, 2010 at 1:07 am (Uncategorized)

Statistics show that the world spends more than 110 billion minutes per year on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.  Social media today are a large aspect of many teen and young adult’s lives.  It is a way to communicate and get updates on people who you may or may not see every day.   I admit that it provides some good entertainment, whether it is getting the latest insight into some gossip, or the occasional creep on the hot senior I glimpsed at lunch.  Do these social networks enrich our lives, or are we just wasting away in front on the computer screen?  I believe that if used correctly, social media are a positive aspect of people’s lives. 

I have found social media very helpful in college.  It is always a pleasant surprise to log on to Facebook or turn on Skype to find a good friend online.  Being away from all my close friends has been hard, but knowing we can still talk on Facebook chat, or even face-to-face via Skype, makes the time apart a little bit easier.  It is also a great way to get updates about various events.  For example I joined the Concordia Volleyball group.  This is a student-made group on Facebook which informs me they are having games in the gym.  This is a very convenient way to let large amounts of people know about events and other information.

Hulu is another form of social media I have come quite accustomed to using, especially since my favorite TV channel, the CW, is not one of the campus cable channels.  At first this was devastating news, how was I supposed to live without Gossip Girl or American’s Next Top Model?  My state of panic however was calmed by the realization that I can access these shows through Hulu.  Hulu is a website where a person can watch full episodes of shows or just video clips.  This is also convenient in situations where I have so much studying to do and cannot find the time to watch a show on television.  Now I can focus on my studies instead of worrying about catching a show.  

Texting is another form of social media that has become increasingly popular over the years.  In my opinion texting was a wonderful invention.  It is so nice to be able to talk to someone without causing too much disturbance to the people around you.  I have become even more of a texting fan now that I am in college.  I get horrible service in the buildings here on campus, but when I find that one bar, I can send out a text message.  I need at least two to make a quality phone call.  Texting is also a quick an efficient way to get a message out to a large group.  This is great when I want to figure out what everyone’s plans are for the evening, or find the owner of the black sweater left in my room. 

I understand why some people are skeptical about this excessive use of social media.  They are worried we are not getting enough face-to-face interaction and not developing our social skills.  I however disagree with that reasoning.  The primary use of most social media is communication.  Teenagers are constantly talking to someone, and I do not believe that doing it over the internet is decreasing social skills.  If anything this method of communication is enhancing them.  People who have a hard time speaking directly to others can talk more freely over the internet.  I even find that sometimes it is easier to tell someone something when I do not have to see their facial expressions; it encourages me to be more honest with whom I’m communicating.

Social media has taken the world by storm, occupying the time of billions of people a day.   I believe that to use of social media is positive.  It brings the whole world closer together and makes life easier.

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Summer Book Read

September 17, 2010 at 2:10 pm (Uncategorized)

The words, “summer vacation” are beautiful to any student.  Three whole months dedicated to forgetting everything that was learned the previous school year.  12 weeks to relax in the sun and hang out with friends.  92 days where minimal brain power is needed.  Why then do teachers feel it is necessary to spoil the 2208 hours of endless blue skies with a summer book read?  Summer is a time when students can relax and get some much needed rejuvenation. School is difficult especially for college students and I believe that giving them three months to push the responsibility of homework to the back of their brains is not the worst thing in the world.  Colleges should not assign a summer read because it is not necessary in bettering a student’s education.

            Many people believe that summer reading should be assigned to students to keep their minds active; thinking three months away from school will ruin their brains and get them off track.  What many of these people do not understand is there are other ways to keep your brain working in the summer.  For example, this summer I was working 60 hour weeks at an amusement park where I learned communication skills, responsibility, and a good work ethic.  These are lessons that cannot be learned by reading a summer book.  If anything having assignments in general over the summer is a hindrance to these experiences because the time spent reading could be used more productively learning crucial life skills. 

            Summer reading is also a nuisance because teenagers are busy.  Some may say reading one book over the summer should not be a difficult task however, students have more responsibilities than people realize.  We need to work to pay for college, volunteer to better our communities, spend time with our families, get together with our friends we do have the opportunity to see anymore, and try to find time to just spend alone and unwind.  Adding a summer assignment on top of that makes the vacation, which is supposed to be fun and relaxing, stressful.  Going back to my work example, it was very hard for me to find time to read my summer book with my crazy schedule.  I would have to read little chunks at a time which made it very difficult to follow the story line.  Because of this fact the whole point of reading this book was lost on me since I really did not understand it.

            This brings me to my next point, just because a summer read is assigned, does not mean the students will complete it.  Like me, many students believe that summer reading is overrated and they have more beneficial things they would rather do so they either do not read the assignment, or save it to the last minute.  Either way they are not going to get anything out of the reading.  If colleges are still insistent on making their students read over the summer then I believe they would have more luck letting the students choose a book to read, instead of assigning a book no one is interested in reading.  This would at least give some freedom to the students and they could find a book that they would have an easier time reading because it would be a topic they are interested in.   

            In my opinion, colleges are better off not assigning anything for these rare 2208 hours we get for a break.  The students have worked extremely hard during the course of the academic year and have earned the right to relax for 92 days and spend 12 weeks soaking in the sun re-energizing.  Let those precious three months belong to the student to do with what they please and learn great life lessons.  The words, “summer vacation” should not mean “summer homework.”  Let those words be beautiful again!

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